Postgraduate Scholarships in China 2017

Postgraduate Scholarship in China – 2017

In order to attract more outstanding international students to study in China, Chinese university set up the postgraduate scholarship program for outstanding international students. Both full and partial scholarships are available for pursuing postgraduate program. Postgraduate Scholarship Programs Master’s (English Taught Program)

1 Mechanical Engineering 2 Biochemical Engineering 3 Environmental Science & Engineering 4 Chemical Engineering & Technology 5 Optical Engineering 6 Information and Communication Engineering 7 Computer Science and Technology 8 International Trade 9 Power Engineering & Engineering Thermophysics 10 Mechanics 11 Control Science and Engineering 12 Mathematics 13 Physics 14 Civil Engineering 15 Sociology 16 Materials Science and Engineering

PhD (English Taught Program)

1 Mechanical Engineering 2 Chemical Engineering & Technology 3 Environmental Science & Engineering 4 Optical Engineering 5 Information and Communication Engineering 6 Computer Science and Technology 7 Management Science & Engineering 8 Engineering Thermophysics 9 Mechanics 10 Control Science & Engineering 11 Mathematics 12 Materials Science and Engineering

Scholarship Coverage

Full Scholarship 1.    Tuition + Accommodation 2.    Monthly Allowance 2000 RMB/month for Masters ; 3000RMB/ month for PhD

Partial Scholarship for graduates: Tuition and fees for registration, laboratory experiments, internship, basic learning materials; medical insurance.

Application Deadline: 30th May 2017 Classes Starting: September

  1. Applicants must be non-Chinese nationals and in good health;
  2. Applicants must obtain a competitive academic result : transcripts result must be 75% above
  3. IELTS / TOEFL score for non-native English speakers, Applicants who apply for Chinese-taught program must have HSK level 4 or above
  4. Applicants for master degree program must have bachelor degree when registered and be under the age of 35;
  5. Applicants for doctoral degree program must have master degree when registered and be under the age of 40.
  6. Applicants should have a best academic record
Annual Review

Students who have been awarded this  scholarship must attend an annual review in each year, which will decide whether they can continue to receive the scholarship. If students fail the annual review the scholarship will be suspended

Application fee: 500 RMB

Our Service Charge: 1750 USD (1.4 lak bdt)

Scholarship in China for Asian students

Scholarship in China for Asian students 2017

With the aim of attracting outstanding students from the Asia, increasing the number and improving the quality of international students, Universities are offering scholarships in China Degree: Bachelor Majors: 1. Business Administration 2. Industrial Design 3. Computer Science and Technology 4. Textile Engineering 5. Nursing (Only Girls) Teaching language: English Scholarship Coverage: Tuition + Dorm Duration: 4 years Deadline : 15th May Service fee:  1750 USD (140,000 BDT) Note: We have only 30 seats, If you have good result then don't delay to apply

China Scholarship for International students

China Scholarship for International students – 2017

According to the China University Ranking, this is one of the top 100 universities in China. Chemistry, Physics and Engineering are the three top 1% disciplines in the world according to the ESI (Essential Science Index) global ranking. The main campus is located at one of the four metropolitan areas in Zhejiang province. The university covers a total area of more than 200 hectares with well-equipped library, laboratories, gymnasium, entertainment center, hospital, supermarket etc. BACHELOR PROGRAMS  in English

International Economics and Trade Financial Management; Electronic Business; Environmental Science and Engineering; Applied Chemistry; Biotechnology; Software Engineering; Electronic and Information Engineering; Material Physics; Machine Design & Manufacturing and Automation; Transportation Tuition Fees: 16,800 RMB/ year


Software Engineering International Business Management Intelligent Control and Electromechanical Engineering Functional Material Physics and Devices Applied Mathematics Optics International Master of Social Work (MSW) International MPA Program Comparative Education; Business Administration (Specializing in International Trade); Business Administration (Specializing in Human Resource Management); Business Administration (Specializing in Marketing Management); Environmental Engineering; Tuition Fees: 18,800 RMB/ year


Studies of Comparative Education Studies of Pre-school Education Studies of Higher Education Applied Mathematics Operational Research & Cybernetics Tuition Fees: 22,800 RMB/ year


To be eligible, applicants must 1) Be a citizen of a country other than the People’s Republic of China, Nigeria, Iran, Iraq, Benin, Sierra Leone and Afghanistan, and be in good health; 2) Have an overall score of 3/5 or 60/100; 3) Aged between 18 and 35


Application Deadline: May 30th, 2017 Accommodation: 7200 RMB / year Location:  Zhejiang Classes Starting: September

University Name: Zhejiang Normal University


Scholarships Quota: Unlimited Scholarship Duration: 1-4 Years Bachelor:  8400 RMB  (half tuition fee scholarship) Master’s:  9400 RMB  (half tuition fee scholarship) PhD: 34800 RMB (full tuition fee and 10000 RMB living allowance)


 750 USD (60,000 BDT)


Students who have been awarded this scholarship must attend an annual review in each year, which will decide whether they can continue to receive the scholarship.


We will ensure your first year scholarship but every year you need to apply to renew your scholarship, what will depend on your academic result of each year.

partial scholarship in china

Partial Scholarship in Demand-able Majors – 2017

This university is a public higher educational institution that focuses on the fields of business and technology. Bachelor Programs

E-commerce Law (International Law) International Hotel Management Logistics Management International Business Accounting Economic Statistics (Business Data Management) Finance (International Finance) Business English (Market Expansion in China)

Tuition fee: 18000 RMB/year

Communication Engineering Tuition fee: 20000 RMB/year

Computer Science and Technology Tuition fee: 24000 RMB/year

Art Design Tuition fee: 25000 RMB/year

  Master’s Program

Business Administration Tourism Management Statistics (Business Data Management) International Trade (Chinese Business) Finance (International Finance) History of Particular Subjects (History of Chinese Culture) Linguistics and Applied Linguistics in Foreign Languages

Tuition fee: 25000 RMB per year

Environmental Science and Engineering Information and Communication Engineering Tuition fee: 28000 RMB per year

Doctoral Program

Business Administration Accounting Tuition fee: 30000 RMB per year

Food Science Tuition fee: 33000 RMB per year

Teaching language: English Location: Zhejiang, China Application deadline: 30th May

Accommodation: 3000-13200 RMB/ year (to base on single , double or triple person shared room)

University Name: Zhejiang Gongshan University

Scholarship Coverage:

For first year 40-100% tuition fee From 2nd year : 30-70% tuition fee

Note: We will ensure scholarship only for 1 year. From 2nd year, scholarship will depend on students academic performance. Our service fee: 750 USD (60,000 BDT)

international trade scholarship in china

International Trade Scholarship in Top Ranked University in China

International trade has been used to bring in new equipment and technologies and to meet scarcities in the domestic economy since China has sought to modernize its economy. Exports have been used as a means of producing foreign earnings to pay for the imports.

Bachelor in International Trade

Tuition fee: 22,000 RMB per year


Double room: 6500 RMB per year Triple room: 4000 RMB per year

Teaching language: English Location: Shaanxi, China Application deadline: 10th June 2017

Scholarship Coverage: full study period

1. Tuition + accommodation 2. Only tuition fee 3. Half tuition fee

Our service fee: 1250 USD University Ranking :  World Rank    815  |   National Rank    53 Documents Required 1. Application form 2. Passport and applicant’s photo 3. English language proficiency certificate 4. Highest degree certificate and transcript 5. Physical test 6. Non Criminal record  

Note: the annual evaluation is needed. To base on students' academic result scholarship will extended .

want to study in china

Want to Study in China!

Want to study in China ?  Looking for scholarship ? Have poor GPA but want to study in China with scholarship then this offer is for you.  Get an opportunity to prove yourself again, that you have ability to do better than others . This institute is giving you ,One more chance - Bachelor Programs 1. Software Engineering 2. Chemical Engineering and Technology 3. Bio-engineering 4. Transportation Masters 1. Chemical Engineering Deadline : 10th June Scholarship Coverage:  Full tuition fee Duration: Bachelor: 4 years / Masters: 3 years Note: This scholarship is for 4 years but from 2nd year students need to apply for scholarship with the requirements that all exams have been passed with at least 60% and no bad-behavior record. If students fail in exam then scholarship will be terminated and students need to pay tuition fee (For Bachelor program 13000 RMB / year , Masters 20000 RMB per year) Other Expenses: Accommodation: 3000 RMB/ year Registration fee: 300 RMB Health Check-up: 300 RMB (one time only) Resident permit:  400 RMB / year Books:  Around 800 RMB/ year Insurance: 600 RMB / year University Ranking: Lower ranked university

study in china - china schooling

Scholarship with Monthly Allowance

Education in Chinese universities is considered as quality education for higher studies. Make your dream of studying in China easier with China Schooling. Bachelor International Economics and Trade Agricultural Science and Engineering Tuition fee: 16000 RMB / year Masters Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Horticulture Microbiology Industrial Economics Rural Finance Tuition fee: 20000 RMB / year Teaching language : English and Chinese Application fee : 600 RMB Accommodation 5600 RMB/year Scholarship Coverage: 2 types of scholarships 1. Tuition + accommodation + 1400-1700 RMB per month 2. Only monthly allowance 1400 RMB for Bachelor / 1700 RMB for masters students Application deadline : 20th April Note: University will decide, student will get which type of scholarship and it's a merit based scholarship Available seats: 30 Our service fee: 2000 USD / 1000 USD

Partial Scholarship in China

Partial Scholarship in Hangzhou – 2017

Hangzhou Normal Uuniversity is located in Hangzhou, the capital city of Zhejiang Province, which is reputed as a renowned city of historical and cultural heritage and “the Best Tourism City” in China. There is only a stone’s throw away from the world famous scenic resort --- the West Lake. The university has established inter-university exchange and cooperative relations with over 30 universities and institutions of higher learning in USA, Great Britain, Korea, Japan, Australia, the Philippines, and the Taiwan region. It was authorized to enroll and train overseas students. In addition, it runs a training program for teachers to teach Chinese language abroad. Bachelor Program

1. Computer Science & Technology (not for BD students) 2. International Economics & Trade 3. Nursing

Tuition fee: 18, 000 RMB /year

Master's Program

1. Computer Application Technology (MA) 2. Psychology 3. Comparative Literature and Cross-cultural Studies(Communication & Contemporary China)

Tuition: 22,000 RMB /year

Scholarship Coverage

Bachelor: 20000 RMB/academic year Masters: 30000 RMB/ academic year

Accommodation Single room: 8000 RMB /year Location: Hangzhou Deadline: 30th May Teaching Language: English Annual Review Students who have been awarded this scholarship must attend an annual review in each year, which will decide whether they can continue to receive the scholarship. We will ensure your first year scholarship but every year you need to apply to renew your scholarship and it will depend on your result. Our Service Charge: 750 USD (60,000 BDT)

Scholarship in Chinese Language Program

Scholarship in Chinese Language Program 2017

In aim of further improvement the cultivation of Chinese language and culture , Chinese Institute is offering scholarship for language learning students. Non-Degree: Chinese language program Scholarship Coverage: Tuition + Accommodation Application fee: 400 RMB Application documents : 1. Passport and photo 2. Highest degree certificate and transcript 3. Recommendation letter 4. Physical test 5. Application form Duration: 1 year Location: Jiangsu Seats Available: 15 Application Deadline : 15th May Our service fee :  750 USD (60,000 BDT)

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