full scholarship in agriculture study in china

Full Scholarship with Monthly Allowance – March 2018

President Scholarship for Masters and Doctoral (priority) applicants Session: March & September Scholarship coverage - free Chinese language training(one semester) ,including tuition and lodging - free Mater or Doctoral degree study(3 years), including tuition and lodging and living subsidy:

1000RMB/month (totally 10 months/year, except summer and winter holidays) Teaching language: Chinese Duration: Free one semester Chinese language + 3 years degree study.   (If you’ve HSK4 then no need to learn Chinese)

Deadline : 30th November 2017

Application Materials (1) Application Form for International Students filled in Chinese or English(refer to annex) (2) Highest Diploma and transcript with notarized (3) Working or Studying Certificate (4) Certificate of HSK (5) Study or research plan in Chinese or in English (6) Two letters of recommendation in Chinese or English by different professors or associate professors (7) Foreigner's Physical Examination Form Our Service Fee: 1000 USD Majors

Agricultural Economy Management Regional Economics Food Science Physiology Plant Nutrition Crop production Forage science Animal Nutrition and Feed Science Animal Production Science Vegetable Science Basic Veterinary Science Soil and Water Conservation and Desertification

Scholarship in Xi'an, China For International Students in 2018

Scholarship in Xi’an, China – 2018

This University is a public Chinese university located in the northwestern city of Xi'an, China's ancient capital well known for the Terracotta Warriors and a key city in the Western China. Full tuition fee scholarship for 4 years in top ranked school in China. Bachelor Programs

  • International Trade
  • Chemistry

Double room: 6500 RMB per year Triple room: 4000 RMB per year

Teaching language: English Classes Start: September 2018 Location: Xian, Shaanxi, China Application deadline: 30th May 2018 Scholarship Coverage: full tuition fee up to 4 years Our Service fee: 1250 USD Documents Required

1. Application form 2. Passport and applicant’s photo 3. English language proficiency certificate 4. Highest degree certificate and transcript 5. Physical test 6. Non Criminal record

Note: we will ensure for first year then scholarship will depend on academic performance and attendance. If students don’t do study then scholarship will be cancelled. Students have to obey Chinese Govt.  law and university rules regulation .

Learn Chinese Language – March 2018

Learn Chinese Language – March 2018

Learn Chinese in Anhui Province Tuition fee: 5000 RMB/semester Dorm fee: 1500 RMB/semester Application deadline:  2017-12-10 Classes start: 2018-02-25 Application fee: 500 RMB ---------------------------------------------- Learn Chinese Language - Most of nationalities are accepted Tuition fee : 6250 RMB per semester Dorm:  2500 RMB per semester Location: Jiangsu Application deadline:  2017-12-30 Classes start: March 2018 Application fee: 300 RMB ---------------------------------------------- Learn Chinese  in Xi'an City  Tuition fee: 7500 RMB / semester Dorm fee: 3500 RMB / semester Application fee : 350 RMB Application deadline : 2017-12-31 Classes starts : March 2018 ----------------------------------------------- Learn Chinese in Ningbo City Tuition fee: 6400 RMB / semester Dorm: 1200 rmb / semester Application fee: 400 RMB Application Documents

1. A passport photo; 2. Copy of passport (the photo page); 3. Copy of your final degree transcript and certificate 4. Physical test 5. Non-criminal certificate 6. Application form 7. Resume / CV (update one)

  Our service fee: 250 USD

Learn Chinese in Low Cost - 2017

Learn Chinese in Low Cost – 2018

Special Chinese language program

Tuition fee:  2300 RMB/semester Accommodation fee: Single room:  2000 RMB /semester Double room: 1500 RMB /semester

Other Expenses :  Insurance 600 RMB per year,  resident permit 400 rmb per year , physical test 400 RMB (one time expenses), Room deposit 500 RMB  (refundable)

Application Documents

1. A passport photo; 2. Copy of passport (the photo page); 3. Copy of your final degree transcript and certificate 4. Physical test 5. Non-criminal certificate 6. Application form 7. Resume / CV (update one)

Application Fee: 500 RMB Location: Nanjing Intake: September Application Deadline: 10th July of each year OUR SERVICE FEE: $250 (20,000 BDT) Note: University gives visa for each semester (one semester is for 4.5 months)

Jiangsu Normal University Scholarship – 2017

Jiangsu Normal University Scholarship – 2017

University Full Tuition fee Scholarship in Jiangsu Normal University Masters Programs International Trade Marketing Management Mathematics and Statistics Duration: 3 years Bachelor Programs Electrical Engineering and its Automation Mechanical Design – Manufacturing and its Automation Software Engineering International Trade and Economy Tourism Management Duration : 4 years Accommodation : 5000 RMB per year Language: English Scholarship coverage: Full Tuition fee University name : Jiangsu Normal University Duration: Up to 4 Years Note: Annual review in needed (If you get less than 75% in exam or less than 90% attendance in Classes then scholarship will be terminated) Service fee: 750 USD

Scholarship in China for Bangladeshi students

Scholarship in China for Bangladeshi students 2017

In the interest of promoting the scheme ‘Study in China’ held by the Ministry of Education, as well as attracting international students in China , Chinese University is to establish its own scholarship scheme. Here we are offering scholarship specially for Bangladeshi students .

Scholarship in China for Bangladeshi students in Henan Polytechnic University

Bachelor Programs 1. Civil Engineering 2. Computer Science and Technology 3. International Economics and Trade Teaching language: English Application fee: 500 RMB Application Deadline: 10th June Scholarship coverage:  After scholarship tuition and dorm fee 6000 RMB Scholarship Duration: 4 Years Our service fee: 850 USD (70,000 bdt) Application Document 1. Application Form for Foreign Students 2. Passport copy and applicant’s photo 3. High School Diploma Certificate and transcript 4. No criminal certificate 5. Physical test Other fees Health check up: 460 RMB (with transport cost) Residence permit: 400RMB per year Bedding Fee 300 RMB (A set of new bedding) Insurance Fee:  800 RMB/ year Room Deposit: 500 RMB (refundable)

Master's scholarship in China

Master’s Scholarship in China – 2017

In order to promote the development of higher education of International students in Chinese provinces and cities, to further improve the talent cultivation, scientific research, social service, and cultural exchange, many provinces and cities have established a variety of scholarship programs to attract more outstanding international students to come to study in China. Master’s Program

  1. Control Science and Engineering
  2. Information Communication Engineering
  3. Material Science
  4. Civil Engineering
  5. Marine Engineering
  6. Chemistry Engineering and Technology
  7. Heating and Ventilation
  8. Computer Science and Technology
  9. Design and Manufacture of Naval Architecture and Ocean Structure
  10. Special Economic Animal Farming
  11. Biology
Scholarship coverage: Tuition fee: Free Living Allowance: 9000 RMB/Year *Research assistant may get additional : 200-1500 RMB/month Other Fees

1   Accommodation (not including water and electricity bills): Accommodation 0-5000 RMB 2   Bedding items (estimated): 500 CNY (up to the student). 3   Physical Examination Fee (estimated): 400 CNY. 4   Comprehensive Insurance plan (estimated): 600 CNY per academic year. 5   Residence Permit Fee (estimated): 420 CNY per academic year. Note: Except accommodation fee, every other fee will be charged as advanced payment, and overcharge or deficiency will be balanced.

Documents Required

1. Application form 2. Passport scan copy and applicant’s photo 3. Highest diploma Transcript and certificate 4. Foreign physical examination test 5. English or Chinese Language certificate (If applicable) 6. Foreign physical test 7. Non criminal record

University Name: Jiangsu University of Science & Technology Application Deadline:  2017-06-30 Location: Jiangsu Teaching Language: English Application fee: 400 RMB (Directly charged by university) Our service Charge:  1500 USD (120,000 BDT)

study in china - china schooling

4 Years Scholarship in Bachelor Programs – 2017

With years of devoted work in education, This university has developed into a growing place for highly qualified professionals and researchers, possessing extraordinary academic strengths in multiple disciplines. It is widely recognized for its unique and remarkable academic strength in shipbuilding, marine related areas and sericulture study. In addition to educational training, the University tightly combines fundamental research with technological innovation and High-Tech achievements promotion. It has undertaken many high-level research projects from National High-Tech Research and Development Fund, National Natural Science Fund and National Social Science Fund. Several national, provincial and ministerial-level research bases have already been established on campus.  

Scholarship in Bachelor programs (for 4 years)

Bachelor Degree:

1. Computer science & technology、 2. Electrical Engineering and Automation、 3. Mechanical Engineering、 4. Power and Energy Engineering、 5. BBA 6. Biotechnology 7. Mechatronic Engineering 8. Marine Engineering

Scholarship Duration:  4 years Tuition fee after scholarship: 4250 RMB per year Location: Jiangsu

Our service Charge: 1250 USD (100,000 BDT) Application fee: 400 RMB

University name: Jiangsu University of Science and Technology

Documents required:

1. Application form 2. Passport copy and applicant’s photo 3. Highest diploma Transcript and certificate 4. Foreign physical examination test 5. Non-criminal certificate

Note: we have very limited seats, so if you want to ensure your seats. Don’t delay to apply.

Scholarships in China for Bangladeshi Students

Scholarships in China for International Students

University is offering hundreds of scholarships in China for International students. China scholarships for International students are available in doctoral, masters and undergraduate programs. Here is detail information of China Scholarship - Apply 2017 China Scholarship Positions - University Ranking :  World Rank    815  |   National Rank    53 Bachelor Program 1.   International Trade Master’s Program 2.  Chemistry Phd Programs 3. Life Science 4. Chemistry 5. Chemical Engineering and Technology Application deadline: 10th June 2017 Teaching language: English Scholarship Coverage full study period 1.  Tuition + accommodation 2. Only tuition fee 3. Half tuition fee Note: the annual evaluation is needed Documents Required  1. Application form 2. Passport and applicant's photo 3. English language proficiency certificate 4. Highest degree certificate and transcript 5. Physical test 6. Non Criminal record Our Service Fee: 1 lak bdt (1250 USD)

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