Last call for Bachelor scholarship in China 2018

Last call for Bachelor scholarship in China 2018

After scholarship Tuition and accommodation fee 7200 RMB/year Degree: Bachelor Majors:

1. Bussiness administration 2. Civil Engineering 3. Computer Science and Technology

Application fee: 500 RMB Deadline: 30th July Service fee: 625 USD (50000 BDT) Scholarship for African Students - Bachelor programs Major: Business Management After scholarship - Tuition and Dorm fee 8000 RMB per year Application Deadline: 30th July Location: Yunnan Province Service fee: 625 USD (50000 BDT) Note: Annual review is needed

300+ Scholarships in Zhejiang Normal University

300+ Scholarships in Zhejiang Normal University

“Zhejiang Normal University Scholarship for Outstanding Students” is launched in order to attract more outstanding students to study in China, create a favorable and international culture environment for the campus, and constantly improve the university's international reputation, as well as encourage foreign students to work hard and get well-rounded. According to the China University Ranking, this is one of the top 100 universities in China. Chemistry, Physics and Engineering are the three top 1% disciplines in the world according to the ESI (Essential Science Index) global ranking. The main campus is located at one of the four metropolitan areas in Zhejiang province. The university covers a total area of more than 200 hectares with well-equipped library, laboratories, gymnasium, entertainment center, hospital, supermarket etc. Bachelor Programs

1. Electronic and Information Engineering 2. Material Science and Engineering 3. Software Engineering 4. Computer Science and Technology 5. Biotechnology 6. Transportation 7. Machine Design & Manufacturing and Automation; 8. Environmental Science and Engineering 9. Applied Chemistry 10. International Economics and Trade 11. Financial Management 12. BBA (Business Administration)

Tuition Fees: 16,800 RMB/ year   Masters programs
  1. Geographical Environment and Pollution Control
  2. Master of Environmental Engineering
  3. Master of Public Administration
  4. Master of Social Work
  5. Computer Intelligent Control and Electromechanical Engineering
  6. Biology
  7. Comparative Education
  8. Master of Business Administration
  9. Master of Software Engineering
  10. Mathematics
  11. Physics
Tuition Fees: 18,800 RMB/ year Doctoral programs 
  1. Early Childhood Education
  2. Fundamental Mathematics
  3. Applied Mathematics
  4. Operational Research and Cybernetics
  5. Comparative Education
  6. Higher Education
  7. Principles of Education
  8. Psychology
  9. Chemistry
  10. Physics
  11. Computer Science and Technology
Tuition Fees: 22,800 RMB/ year   Teaching Language: English Accommodation: Off campus and On campus accommodation are available, It will cost them 4000-6000 RMB per year Coverage: half or full tuition fee scholarship
  • Bachelor:  Tuition fee after scholarship  0-8000 RMB
  • Master’s:  Tuition fee after scholarship  0-9000 RMB
  • PhD: full tuition fee and 10000 RMB living allowance
Note: Annual review is needed Service fee: 500 USD

full scholarship in Jiangnan university

Full Scholarship Including Tuition and Accommodation Fee

Jiangnan University New Student Scholarship has been set up to encourage more excellent international students to study at Jiangnan University, and to establish the trend of “Study in Jiangnan ”. * Supporting Category: degree programs ( Bachelor, Master, PhD) Bachelor Programs (4 years) 1. Food Science & Engineering, 2. Bioengineering, 3. Textile Engineering, 4. Computer Science & Technology, 5. Industrial Design, 6. Nursing, 7. Business Administration Masters Programs (3 years) 1. Food Science & Engineering 2. Microbiology 3. Biochemistry & Molecular Biology 4. Textile Engineering 5. Computer Science & Technology 6. Electrical Engineering 7. Design 8. Pharmacy 9. Public Health & Preventive Medicine PhD Programs (4 years) 1.  Food  Science & Engineering 2. Fermentation  Engineering 3.  Sugar  Refining Engineering 4. Textile  Science & Engineering 5. Control  Science & Engineering 6. Design 7. Chemistry  Technology & Engineering 8. Pharmaceutical  Engineering & Technology Scholarship Coverage: Tuition fee and accommodation fee Location: Jiangsu Teaching Language: English Deadline: 20th April Documents required: 1. Application form 2. Passport and photo 3. Highest degree certificate and transcript 4. Non-criminal certificate 5. English proficiency certificate 6. Recommendation letter 7. Study plan 8. Physical test Our service fee : 1000 USD (80,000 BDT) If you are interested to apply then please contact us asap

scholarship in lanzhou, China

Master’s and PhD Scholarships in China 2018

China Universities are offering scholarships for Master's and PhD students for International Postgraduate for 2018. Masters Programs in English 1.    Computer software and theory 2.    Computer Application Technology 3.    Computer Architecture 4.    Environmental Biology 5.    Agricultural Science 6.    Chemical Technology 7.    Applied Chemistry 8.    Mechanics Engineering 9.    Circuits and Systems 10.  Biogeography 11.   Meteorology 12.  City and Regional Planning 13.  Crop Science 14.  Polymer Chemistry and Physics 15.  Medicinal Chemistry 16.  Chemistry Information Science 17.  Signal and Information Processing 18.  Solid mechanics PhD Programs in English 1.    Public Administration 2.    General Surgery 3.    Internal Medicine 4.    Environmental Science - Environmental Epidemiology 5.    Crop Science 6.    Agricultural Science 7.    Plant Pathology 8.    Plant Molecular Biology 9.    Remote sensing 10.  Meteorology 11.   Atmospheric Physics and Atmospheric Environment 12.   Organic Chemistry 13.   Physical Chemistry 14.   Polymer Chemistry and Physics 15.   Medicinal Chemistry 16.   Chemistry Information Science 17.   Mechanics Engineering Teaching Language: English & Chinese Scholarship Details Full Scholarship: tuition fee, accommodation fee, living allowance (500-1500 RMB), insurance Partial Scholarship:  includes one or several items of full scholarship Application Deadline:  15th April Location: Gansu Intake: September Application Fee: 400 RMB Our Service Fee: 1750 USD / 1000 USD Documents Required: 1. Application Form 2. Passport copy and applicant’s photo 3. High School Diploma Certificate and transcript 4. No criminal certificate 5. Physical test 6. Recommendation letter 7. Research proposal 8. Resume / CV Note: Annual review is needed

China Scholarships

China Postgraduate Scholarships 2018

Find Latest China Postgraduate Scholarships for international students 2018 . Find list of China Scholarships funded by universities and government. Postgraduate Programs 1.    International Trade (Only for Master’s degree) 2.    Sociology (Only for Master’s degree) 3.    Physics  (Only for Master’s degree) 4.    Computer Science and Technology 5.    Mechanical Engineering 6.    Biochemical Engineering 7.    Environmental Science and Engineering 8.    Chemical Engineering and Technology 9.    Information and Communication Engineering 10.  Mechanics 11.   Control Science and Engineering 12.  Civil Engineering 13.  Material Science and Engineering 14.  Mathematics Scholarship Coverage Full scholarship: For Masters: Tuition waiver, Free accommodation, Stipend 2000 RMB/month For PhD: Tuition waiver, Free accommodation, Stipend 3000 RMB/month Partial Scholarship: For Masters: Tuition waiver, Insurance Duration: Full academic period Teaching Language: English Location: Jiangsu Deadline: 2018-03-31 Session: September Our Service Fee: 1750 USD  

Full and Partial Scholarship in China

Full and Partial Scholarships in China – 2018

Find scholarships to finance your study abroad in China. For bachelors programs, in  field of engineering study. Full and partial scholarships are available, Don't delay to apply and grab this opportunity. Bachelor Programs 1.    Mechanical Engineering 2.    Electronic Information Engineering 3.    Software Engineering 4.    Automation 5.    Civil Engineering 6.    Industrial Engineering 7.    Pharmaceutical Engineering 8.    Bio-engineering Scholarship Coverage Full scholarship: Tuition and Dorm free Partial Scholarship: Tuition fee free Scholarship Duration: 4 years Teaching Language: English Location: Jiangsu Deadline: 2018-03-31 Session: September Our Service Fee: 1500 USD (120,000 BDT) Note: we have limited seats , so If you are interested then please don't delay to apply.

Scholarship in Bachelor programs up to 4 years

Scholarship in Bachelor Programs Upto 4 Years – 2018

International students can apply for different scholarships in China but they have to meet the university requirements to get scholarship and admission. We can only ensure your first scholarship then it will depend on your academic performance. So scholarship will be for up to 4 years . University: Zhejiang Wanli University Bachelor Programs

1.    Logistics Management 2.    Computer Science 3.    Electronic Engineering 4.    International Economics and Trade 5.    International Business

Scholarship Coverage:  Tuition fee after scholarship 1000 RMB (Note: we will ensure for first year and rest of year’s scholarship will depend on students’ academic performance) Teaching language: English Application fee: 500 RMB Dorm fee: 1200 RMB/month Age limit: not above than 20 years Location: Zhejiang Our service fee: 650 USD Documents Required

1.    Application form 2.    Copy of passport 3.    High school graduation Certificate and transcript 4.    HSK certificate / English language certificate 5.    Applicant’s photo 6.    Police verification certificate 7.    Physical test


If you are interested then don't delay to contact us .

scholarship in guangdong

Scholarship in Guangdong Province 2018

University in Guangdong province provides a variety of scholarships (in many programs and of substantial amounts) for academically brilliant students. In addition, Guangdong Provincial Government provides several substantial scholarships for international students. We welcome international students to come and study in China. Bachelor Programs in English

1.    Software Engineering 2.    Communication Engineering 3.    Mechanical Design 4.    Manufacturing and Automation 5.    International Business 6.    Financial Management

  (Note: There are lots of majors taught in Chinese but HSK 3 or HSK 4 is required.) Scholarship Coverage: Tuition fee (only for engineering and liberal arts majors) Chinese Language: 7000 RMB / Semester Accommodation: 5000 RMB / Year Location: Guangdong Deadline:  30th May Application Fee: 500 RMB Our Service Fee: 1250 USD (100,000 BDT) Documents Required

1.    Application form 2.    Copy of passport 3.    High school graduation Certificate and transcript 4.    HSK certificate / English language certificate 5.    Applicant’s photo 6.    Police verification certificate 7.    Physical test

Note: Annual review is needed. If you fail in annual review then scholarship will be terminated

China Scholarship in Postgraduate programs

Scholarship in China for Postgraduates – 2018

Henan Polytechnic University is offering scholarship to the outstanding postgraduate international students. If you are interested to study in China and you have fluency in English and good score on it then you are welcome to apply .

Scholarship in Postgraduate Programs

1. Mechanical Engineering 2. Environmental Engineering 3. Civil Engineering 4. Safety Engineering 5. Mining Engineering

Scholarship Coverage: Tuition and dorm fee free Living allowance : For masters 1000 RMB / month , For PhD 2000 RMB/ month Application Fee: 500 RMB Application Deadline: 2018-05-30 Teaching Language: English Location: Jiaozhou, Henan Our Service Fee: 1000 USD (until March) We have limited seats, so don’t delay to apply Other Expenses

Health check up: 460 RMB (with transport cost) Residence permit: 400 RMB/ Year Bedding Fee 300 RMB (A set of new bedding) Insurance Fee:  800 RMB/ Year Room Deposit: 500 RMB (refundable)

Application Document

1. Application Form for Foreign Students 2. Passport copy and applicant’s photo 3. High School Diploma Certificate and transcript 4. No criminal certificate, recommendation letter , study plan and 5. Physical test

If you are interested to apply then please prepare your documents and send it to us.

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