Local Government Scholarship in China

Local Government Scholarship in China – 2017

Nanjing Government Scholarship is set to encourage international students to choose Nanjing as the destination city of higher education or doing research. University name: Nanjing University of Information Science & Technology Bachelor Programs taught in English 

1. Computer science and technology 2. Software engineering 3. International Economy and Trade 4. Electronic information engineering 5. Environmental Science

Tuition fee: 15000 RMB/year Master Programs

1.  Meteorology 2. Business management 3. Computer science and technology 4. Environmental science and engineering

Tuition fee: 20000 RMB/ year Teaching Language: English Application fee: 500 RMB Accommodation: Double room: 3000 RMB per year Single room: 4000 RMB per year Application deadline: 30th May Scholarship coverage: First year Tuition fee scholarship Note: we will ensure only first year scholarship and rest of years scholarship will depend on students’ academic performance Our service charge: 750 USD (60,000 BDT)

PhD Scholarship in China

PhD Scholarship in China – 2017

This scholarship will be provided to those excellent overseas students or scholars to undertake full time study in universities of China. PhD programs:

1. Mathematics 2. Environmental Science & Engineering 3. Civil Engineering 4. Statistics 5. Physics 6. Mechanical Engineering 7. Chemical Engineering & Technology 8. Materials Science and Engineering 9. Optical Engineering 10. Information and Communication Engineering 11. Computer Science and Technology 12. Management Science & Engineering 13. Control Science and Engineering

Scholarship Coverage: Tuition, accommodation and living allowance 3000-3500 RMB per month Documents Required:

1.    Application form (collect from our website) 2.    Copy of passport and applicant’s photo 3.    Copy of graduation certificates bachelor and masters and, copy of officially issued transcripts (Transcripts result must be 75%  or above) Note: If applicants are already current university students in China, they must also provide certificate of enrollment and university transfer letter from their university official department. 4.    Language Proficiency Certificate For English-taught program applicants: submit copy of IELTS certificate or TOFEL certificate or Certificate of teaching language in Bachelor and master’s program For Chinese-taught program applicants: submit copy of HSK certificate. 5.    Research Plan/Personal Statement (no less than 800 words) includes your study background and working experience, motivation of studying in China, reasons for the choice of major, academic achievements, research plan and target research field (in Chinese or English). 6.    Reference Letters/ Recommendation letter please submit two supporting reference letters from professor or associate professor at your institution (in English or Chinese). 7.    Academic papers and academic achievements or publication (If applicable) 8.    Copy of Foreigner Physical Examination Form (in English)

Note:All documents need to be notarized and translated into English or Chinese before submission Location: Liaoning, Xia'n, Guangdong, Jiangsu Application deadline: 30th April 2017 Our Service fee:  2000 USD (160,000 BDT)

If you want to apply for that then please prepare your documents and send it as soon as possible.

Scholarship for learning chinese

Scholarship for Learning Chinese in March – 2017

Scholarship for Learning Chinese language Tuition fee after scholarship: 000 RMB Dorm fee after scholarship: 000 RMB Application fee: 600 RMB Location: Guizhou Application deadline: 2017-02-25 Intake: March 2017 Our Service Fee: 400 USD (32,000 BDT) Documents list: 1. Application form 2. CV 3. High school certificate 4. High school transcript 5. Physical examination 6. Bank statement of no less than 15000CNY or equivalent currency 7. Certificate of No Criminal Conviction Note: This scholarship is for 1 year

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Bachelor Scholarship in Top University – 2017

In order to encourage and support excellent international students to pursue their degree in China, the Local Government and University are offering scholarship for new international students.

Bachelor scholarship for full academic period (One of top university in China)

Bachelor Programs:

1. Electronics Information Engineering 2. Automation 3. Bio-engineering

Tuition fee: 20000 RMB/year Scholarship Coverage: half tuition fee/academic year Application Deadline: 2017-05-20 Scholarship Duration: 4 years Instruction Language: English Location: Jiangsu Accommodation: 4000 RMB/academic year Our Service fee: 1000 USD (80,000 BDT)

Pharmacy Scholarship in china- 2017

Pharmacy Scholarship – 2017

It is China’s first independent school of pharmacy and has been recognized as one of the best universities of pharmacy in China with a wide variety of specialized areas. Now university is offering  pharmacy scholarship in China for a year. BACHELOR DEGREE

Course: Pharmacy Duration: 4 Years Teaching Language: English Tuition fee: 25000 RMB per year


1. Medicinal Chemistry 2. Pharmaceutics 3. Pharmaceutical Analysis 4. Pharmacology 5. Clinical Pharmacy 6. Pharmacokinetics 7. Pharmacognosy 8. Medicinal Chemistry of Natural Products 9. Marine Pharmacy 10. Microbiological and Biochemical Pharmacy 11. Cell Biology 12. Microbiology 13. Pharmaceutical Engineering 14. Biomedical Engineering Duration: 3 Years Teaching Language: English Tuition fee: 32000 RMB per year


1. Medicinal Chemistry 2. Pharmaceutics 3. Pharmaceutical Analysis 4. Pharmacology 5. Pharmacokinetics 6. Pharmacognosy 7. Medicinal Chemistry of Natural Products 8. Microbiological and Biochemical Pharmacy 9. Pharmaceutical Engineering

Duration: 3 Years Teaching Language: English Tuition fee: 36000 RMB per year

Classes Starting: September Application Deadline: May 30th


Single room: 10,800 RMB per year for degree students; 900 per month for language students Double room: 5400 RMB / year


Bachelor: 20000 RMB/ Year Masters: 25000 RMB/year PhD: 30000 RMB/year

Our service Charge: 1000 USD (80,000 BDT) Without scholarship service fee: $000 (No service fee) Application Deadline: May 2017  

Hotel Management Scholarship

Hotel Management Scholarship – 2017

The four-year Bachelor program provides the advanced knowledge and competencies needed for a successful career in the hospitality world. The student learns about the highly complex and specialized world of hospitality from the inside. As well as providing technical knowledge, the program develops those creative, artistic and interpersonal skills which are essential for a career in hospitality.

Awarded: Bachelor's Degree Teaching Language: English Duration: 4 Years Tuition Fee:  12,000 RMB per year Accommodation: 3000 RMB per year Classes Starting Date: September, 2017 Application Deadline: May 2017 Application Fee: $100 (Non-Refundable) Academic Requirement: High School Graduate

  1. Tuition and Accommodation
  2. Only tuition fee
  3. Part of tuition

1. 1750 USD (140,000 BDT) 2. 1250 USD (100,000 BDT) 3.  750 USD  ( 60,000 BDT)


Hotel Operation and Management; Food & Beverage Operation and Management; Rooms Division Operation  Management; Hotel Human Resource Management; Hotel Facilities Management; Hotel Accounting; Taxation and Finance; Information Technology; Hotel Sales; World Culture; Entrepreneurship etc.


1. Worldwide Business School Group in Hospitality and Tourism Management 2. Internships with salary 3. You may get chance to spend a year abroad in one of the abroad schools


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Partial Scholarship in March – 2017

Partial Scholarship for March Intake 2017 Applicants: All master and PhD students and some bachelor students Scholarship Amount: PhDs: Full tuition and accommodation Masters: 20,000 CNY on tuition every year Bachelors: 10,000 CNY on tuition in first year Bachelor programs:

Mechanical Engineering Computer Science and Engineering Accounting Food Science and Engineering Chemical Engineering

Original Tuition fee: 18000-20000 RMB/ year Masters Programs

Agricultural Engineering Chemical Engineering and Technology Communication and Information systems Computer Science and Technology Control Science and Engineering Electrical Engineering Environmental Science and Engineering Food Science and Engineering Materials Science and Engineering Software Engineering Civil Engineering Public Administration Management Science and Engineering MBA

Original Tuition fee: 22000-30000 RMB/ year PhD

Mechanical Engineering Material Science & Engineering Control Science & Engineering Agricultural Engineering Environmental Science and Engineering Food Science & Engineering Management Science & Engineering Electric Engineering (Power Electronics and Power Drives) Computer Science & Technology

Location: Jiangsu Application deadline: 30th November 2016 Classes start: Feb 2017 Service fee: 500 USD If you are interested to apply then don’t delay to prepare your documents and contact us soon.

Learn Chinese Language - 2017

Learn Chinese Language – 2017

Learn Chinese language program in low tuition fee Tuition fee: 3000 RMB/year Accommodation fee: 2000 RMB /year Application Documents

1. Application form 2. Applicant’s photo and passport copy; 3. Copy of your final degree transcript and certificate; 5. Physical test 6. Non-criminal record

Other Expenses:

Application Fee: 400 RMB Visa Fee: 400 RMB Insurance: 600 RMB Medical: 400-500 RMB Registration fee: 400 RMB

Location: Hunan Application Deadline: 31st December 2016 Our Service fee: $250 Note:It's a college and  students can apply Except Africa continent, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, India, Russia students.

lowest tuition fee university in China

Low Tuition Fee University in China

Programs for Applicants

1. Electrical Engineering 2. Software Engineering 3. Tourism Management 4. Business Administration 5. Chinese Language and Literature

 Necessary Documents

(1)scanned document of photo page of passport(.jpg) (2)scanned document of one blank page of passport(.jpg) (3)scanned document of diploma or degree certificate(.jpg) (4)scanned document of transcript(.jpg) (5)scanned document of sponsorship letter(.jpg) (6)application (.doc) (7)scanned bank receipt of application fee (500RMB or 90 dollars)


(1)transferred students need scan the Residence Permit of the passport instead of blank page of passport.. (2)transcript need be cooperated with diploma or degree. (3)application need be sent back in form of .doc, printed or scanned ones are NOT acceptable.

Fees Structure

1.    Application Fee:  500RMB 2. Tuition:

16000 RMB each year for Postgraduates 13000 RMB each year for undergraduates 10000 RMB each year for Chinese Language Students

3. Accommodations

9000RMB each year for each person in a single room 6000RMB each year for each person in a double room

4. Visa Fee: 800RMB each year 5. Medical Examination: 400RMB each year 6. Insurance: 600RMB each year 7. Bedding: 380RMB 8. Deposit for Room: 1000RMB (refundable by receipt when leaving)

 OUR SERVICE CHARGE:$000 (No service fee) Here is showing the low tuition fee university in China  for international students.

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