Avoid Scholarship Scams in China

Avoid Scholarship Scams in China

Scholarships are an excellent way for international students to obtain financial support to do their higher study in China. For this reason, scholarships are getting more popular among students, and some companies/ individuals will prey on students’ eagerness to obtain an award (scholarship) to scam them out of money.

The best way to guard you against a scholarship scam is to kn

100% Unconditional Scholarship in China

100% Unconditional Scholarship in China!

Before writing this article, we had a survey of students’ quires. We faced similar questions more than a hundred times a year. That’s why we decided to write on this topic “100% Unconditional Scholarship in China”. Most of the students want to have 100% scholarship in China or unconditional scholarship in China but what does unconditional scholarship mean?

Chinese University scholarship for march session

Chinese University Scholarship for March Session – Fact or Myth !

This year many students contacted us to know about scholarship in March intake. Is there really any scholarship in China for March intake? Even some consulting companies also contacted us to know the fact. It’s quite surprising for us. Here we will try our best to make it clear for all.

Chinese Universities have two semesters. One is for September and another one is for March.

study in China for Bangladeshi students

China Schooling is Providing the Best Opportunity to Study in China for Bangladeshi Students

In most of the developing countries, the facilities for higher education are not available, and this is the reason that students work hard so they can get admission in the foreign universities to pursue their dreams.

However, the real problem arises when the students are not familiar with the educational system of the other countries. It becomes difficult for them to adjust to t

faq - China Schooling

Frequently Asked Questions

Can China’s universities provide programs taught in English? Yes. There are bachelors, master and doctorate programs taught in English at China's universities. And they are mainly MBBS, business programs, engineering programs and computer science and technology.

Do I need to have English proficiency certificate IELTS or TOFEL to get admission? No, the Englis

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