Chinese Green Card

How to Apply for a Chinese Green Card

In this article, you will learn: About Chinese Green Card, Dos & Don'ts, How to Apply and some Tips.

About Chinese Green Card

With the approval of China's State Council, the Minister of Public Security, Zhou Yongkang, and the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Li Zhaoxing, jointly endorse

China Pharmaceutical University

China Pharmaceutical University Admission

China Pharmaceutical University (CPU) is a university in Nanjing, China that specializes in the pharmaceutical sciences. It is China’s first independent school of pharmacy and has been recognized as one of the best universities of pharmacy in China with a wide variety of specialized areas Bachelor's Degree

Course: Pharmacy Duration: 4 Years Teaching Language: English Tui

Beijing Foreign Studies University

Beijing Foreign Studies University

Beijing Foreign Studies University, or the BFSU, is a prestigious university in China and under the direct management of the State Ministry of Education. As the first foreign language university and offering the most language programs in the country, it excels in the teaching and studying of foreign languages, foreign literature, overseas sinology, and also serves as an important base producing quality professionals with language competence and g

MBBS Program for Bangladesh Students

MBBS in China For Bangladeshi Students

MBBS in China for Bangladeshi Students

We will recommend some proper MBBS programs in top Chinese universities for Bangladeshi students LOW COST MEDICAL UNIVERSITY

Jilin University Quality education Location: Changchun Tuition Fee: 29,000 RMB per year Accommodation: Double Room 6000 RMB (per person)per year