Stop Forging Documents to Study in China

Stop Forging Documents to Study in China

To forge or falsify any documents in order to gain access to an educational institute is punishable by repulsion from the university you are studying in. Forging application documents, certificates such as IELTS or using transcripts, physical test are completely inadmissible in Chinese University and will be met with due repercussions.

A forged document consists of false informat

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Admission Requirements

REQUIREMENTS TO GET ADMISSION IN CHINA International students who want to study at Chinese universities must meet the general requirements set out by both the Chinese government and the university they apply to. EDUCATION BACKGROUND AND AGE LIMIT

1.    Applicants for Bachelor’s degree must have a high-school diploma and be u

comparision between Bangladesh and Chinese Universities

Bangladesh and China’s University Cost Comparison

Admission fee & Tuition Fee      Admission fee of different major for different degree in every university varies from 90 USD (7200 BDT) to 150 USD (12000 BDT), normally not in excess of 200 USD (16000 BDT). Among all the programs offered by universities, MBBS may be the most expensive one regarding admission fee. Bangladeshi good private universities like – NSU/BRAC/AIUB/IUB will ch

Expenses in China

Expenses in China

The basic cost for a Chinese university varies much depending on the location and type of major you want to study. Tuition fee for foreign students studying in China varies depending on what and where you study. The food prices are inexpensive and cater to a wide range of taste. Western style food is also available in China as well as different country themed restaurants. Accommodation is usually on campus at most universities, but off campus acc