Bangladesh and China’s University Cost Comparison

comparision between Bangladesh and Chinese Universities

Admission fee & Tuition Fee     

Admission fee of different major for different degree in every university varies from 90 USD (7200 BDT) to 150 USD (12000 BDT), normally not in excess of 200 USD (16000 BDT). Among all the programs offered by universities, MBBS may be the most expensive one regarding admission fee.
Bangladeshi good private universities like – NSU/BRAC/AIUB/IUB will charge admission fee around 250 USD (20000 BDT). Bangladesh Medical college admission fee is around 1250 USD (100,000 BDT)

The tuition fee of Chinese universities is quite low compared with that of UK/USA.

The estimated average tuition fee ranges for

Bachelor 15000 RMB – 30000 RMB per year (180,000 – 370,000 BDT per year)
Masters 18000 RMB – 42000 RMB per year (220,000 – 515,000 BDT per year)
PhD 30000 RMB – 50000 RMB per year (370,000- 610,000 BDT per year)

Bangladeshi private universities’ tuition fee is 3500-7000 BDT per credit
Normally 120 credits for Bachelor, that means (4,20,000 – 8,40,000) BDT in total
Whereas Chinese University Bachelor degree is (7,20,000 – 14,80,000) BDT,

it’s almost same like Bangladeshi good private university but those universities aren’t in rank of top 2000 universities in world but Chinese universities are in world ranking.

Chinese Medical University MBBS

Tuition fee is (24,000 – 40,000 RMB per year) means 2,93,000 – 4,90,000 BDT per year
That means 5 years tuition fee is (14,65,000 – 24,40,000) BDT in total
Bangladeshi private medical university tuition fee is (20,00,000 – 30,00,000) BDT in total

Average Living Cost     

Living cost in metropolitan areas like Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou would be more than other cities. Other cities living cost (including food, intercity travel, entertainment etc.) would be around 800-1200RMB/month (around 9500-14000 BDT per month). However, this mainly depends on your lifestyle; though eating out in China is very cheap compared to many other countries.

Estimated standard living cost in Dhaka would be 10,000-15,000 BDT per month, but you should notice that this number varies differently in different living location and condition.


Most of the students in China live in students’ dormitory; You will get satisfied living environment in China, what’s much lower in cost to live in a full-furnished and secure dormitory.
Dorm fees are (4000-6000) RMB per year for double room that means (50,000 -75,000) BDT per year
In Dhaka city, good accommodation cost is quite higher than this, it’s around (60,000-1,20,000) BDT per year

Travel cost

Intercity transportation in China includes buses and a metro system is much cheaper than Bangladesh. Normally a student in China spend 50-80 RMB (600- 1000 BDT) for a month. But in Dhaka city, a student spends more than 2000BDT in a month.


If you can’t afford the studying cost right now, we suggest you apply for Scholarship, which is available to assist international students study at Chinese universities.

During your study period in china, if your academic result is excellent then very easily you can get scholarship what will cover your tuition fee. Even many students join Chinese universities with scholarship, what covers their tuition fee or tuition and accommodation etc. If you get scholarship then your education cost will be less than Bangladeshi universities.