Diploma Scholarships in China

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Enterprises in deep cooperation with the college of SVCIT tailor this diploma program. It aims to cultivate students who know industrial control and automation system engineering. After graduation, the students will work in cooperative enterprises and engage in system design, installation, commissioning, maintenance, technical management of automatic control systems, etc.

Duration: Three-year diploma program (taught in Chinese, 30 seats)

Diploma Programs

  1. Modern Communication Technology
  2. Computer Network Technology
  3. Numerical Control
  4. Digital Design and Manufacturing Technology
  5. Tourism Management
  6. E-commerce
  7. Software Technology
  8. Big-data Technology Application

Course Detail:
First-year: Chinese courses
Second-year: Professional courses + Enterprise practical training
Third-year: Professional courses + Enterprise practical training

Scholarships Coverage:
Tuition: 4100 / year (a full scholarship provided)
Accommodation: 2000 / year (a full scholarship provided)

Physical Examination: 300 RMB
Textbooks: 500 RMB
Insurance: 800 RMB / year
Residential Permit: 800 RMB/ year

Application Fee: 500 RMB
Note: 1. Do not include transport, visa processing fees, and other personal expenses.

Our Service Fee: 500 USD

Application Qualification

  1. Non-Chinese citizens above 18 years old, educational background of or above high school, well-behaved, in good physical conditions
  2. Application Deadline: 15 July
  3. Application Documents
    (1) Recent personal passport-sized photo
    (2) International Students’ Family Information Form
    (3) Photocopy of passport
    (4) Foreigner Physical Examination Form. The examination date should be within six months.
    (5) Original copy of final diploma or duplicate after being notarized. For texts not in Chinese and English, English or Chinese translation with notarization should be provided.
    (6) Original copy of academic transcript or duplicate after being notarized. For texts not in Chinese and English, English or Chinese translation with notarization should be provided.
    (7) Certificate of non-criminal record
    (8) Other documents needed

Enrollment procedure

Application – Selection – Interview – Enrollment

Chinese Language Program

After the Scholarship, tuition and dorm fees are waived.
Duration: 1 Year

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