Pre-Departure Preparation

a woman in black shirt packing things in the luggage

Prepare for your study abroad experience in China with our comprehensive pre-departure guide for international students. Learn about what to expect and the essential information you need before arriving in China.


To help you prepare better, We recommend you to pack something –

1) Documents & Certificates

Your passport/visa, related health certificate and other important documents that you may need to show at customs and university.

  • Letter of acceptance (JW201/202)
  • Passport and copies of it
  • Plane tickets and Calendar
  • Tuition receipt or original script of remittance
  • High school/ University transcripts and certificates
  • ID photo(color photo with white background, 2 inch, about 12 pieces, you may need them everywhere)
  • Graduation certificate and diploma and so on

2) Currency

Although exchanging currency in China is very easy but it would be better if you could bring a small amount of Chinese currency along with you. This will help you to save your time and avoid unnecessary hassle at the airport.
We suggest to keep 500-1000 RMB in cash when you first arrive for transport and check-in.

3) Electronic Products & Fittings

  • Mobile phone
  • Computer
  • Plug converter
  • Mobile hard disc or USB drive
  • Data wire
  • Extra batteries/charger
  • Mobile Power Source
  • Earphone

4) Address and phone number of your university admission office.

5) If you are about to stay in China for a long time and not used to the Chinese food, you can bring some snacks and dry food with you. If you want to cook by yourself then you will not regret bringing some spices from your country.

(like turmeric powder, Cumin powder, Chicken/ Beef masala powder etc.)

6) Medicine

prepare some medicine you usually take in your country (it must be over-the-counter drugs. Prescribed drug can be taken in only with doctor’s certificates) . You can keep some medicine, like saline, band-aid, paracetamol, flagyl, paradol, for your first-aid.

7) It will be smart to bring vaseline, moisturizer, lip gel, lotion, umbrella, Glasses or Contact Lenses etc.

8) Clothing

China is a very big country, to base on cities weather varies. It’s suggested to bring a pair of shoes, t-shirts, shirts, pants, under garments, Hat, Scarf , Mask trousers, winter clothes, one formal dress and a traditional dress to represent your country culture etc.

9) Toiletries & Cosmetics

Most toiletries can be purchased in China. Some of your favorite brands may be hard to find, expensive, or unavailable in China. Generally though, major brands such as P&G, Johnson & Johnson or L’Oreal are widely available at large supermarkets. Better to keep these things with you –

  • Toothbrush
  • Toothpaste
  • Towel, Bath Towel
  • Personal Skin Care Products
  • Toilet paper/ Tissue paper / Wet tissue

10) Language problem

If it’s your first time in China, prior coming, we advise you to learn some basic Chinese. You can also make a print of your destination places in Chinese along with English that at least will spare you of the lingual sufferings to get to your destination.
Get some apps in advance – If you have smart phone then would like to suggest you to download “hanping” or “Pleco” dictionary in your phone, what will assist you to translate words.


1. Students who will study more than 1 year (including 1 year) should apply for Visa X1 before coming to China. People with Visa X1 should handle the Residence Permit For Foreigners in 30 days since your arrival. Students who will study less than 1 semester (including 1 semester) should apply for Visa X2 before coming to China.
2. Physical examination record
Before coming to China, you should take physical examination in your country according to PHYSICAL EXAMINATION RECORD FOR FOREIGNER. You should bring the original PHYSICAL EXAMINATION RECORD FOR FOREIGNER with you. After coming to China, University will organize you to take verification or recheck in International Travel Health Care Center. The term of validity of the record is 6 months. The record is needed when you handle the Residence Permit For Foreigners.
3. Special documents are required to provide by people under 18 .

Above things you should prepare in advance. Hope you have a pleasant study trip.