International Students in China: Life and Studies Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

International Students in China: Life and Studies Amid Corona Virus Outbreak

The Corona virus (COVID-19) outbreak in China, starting in the epicenter city of Wuhan (first reported on Dec 31, 2019), threw the lives of the locals and the foreigners alike into confusion. However, the quick response by the Chinese government, worthy of praise, has led to the containment of the virus almost entirely. The people are gradually getting back to their normal lives although most of the Chinese educational in

don’t come to study in China, If...

Don’t Come to Study in China, If…

Don’t Come to Study in China, If…..

In the last several years, the number of international students coming to China has risen dramatically, due to China’s growing economy and improving the higher education system. In 2009, 238,200 international students were studying in China; by 2016, the number had risen to 442,700. The top five countries with the largest number

mbbs in china for international students

MBBS in China

Explore China's top English-medium MBBS program, where international students thrive. Unlock a world-class medical education in the heart of China. In recent years, a lot of students from different parts of the world are also opting China for medical education. The last couple of years, more than 20,000+ International students came to China to study medicine, most of them selecting an English-medium MBBS program in China. Degree: MBBS (Clinical

100% Unconditional Scholarship in China

100% Unconditional Scholarship in China!

Before writing this article, we had a survey of students’ quires. We faced similar questions more than a hundred times a year. That’s why we decided to write on this topic “100% Unconditional Scholarship in China”. Most of the students want to have 100% scholarship in China or unconditional scholarship in China but what does unconditional scholarship mean?

Is Ragging Allowed in China?

Is Ragging Allowed in China?

Ragging is a form of serious bullying that takes place in colleges and universities throughout Asian countries. It is Eastern university’s answer to the Western university’s ‘hazing’. It is a growing issue that is beginning to be seen more and more in the media due to its harmful effects. We feel it is our responsibility to bring your attention to this problem and make you aware of how it happens. Ragging i