100% Unconditional Scholarship in China!

100% Unconditional Scholarship in China

Before writing this article, we had a survey of students’ quires. We faced similar question more than hundred times in a year. That’s why we decided to write on this topic “100% Unconditional Scholarship in China”. Most of students want to have 100% scholarship in China or unconditional scholarship in China but what does unconditional scholarship mean?

When we asked few students, what’s your understanding about 100% unconditional scholarship?  Then we got different reply on this question. For example: 100% confirm scholarship, full scholarship for 4 years, full scholarship and no condition on scholarship etc. We explained them about all these issue and the fact of unconditional scholarship but every year we get same question again and again from different students. Actually the source of this type of words “100% confirmation or unconditional scholarship” have been made by few agencies to promote their offers and attract students to get their service. Without having perfect knowledge and better understanding of Chinese education system and scholarship, they made that kind of advertising to get students’ trust but at the end of day students loss their money and time.

Here is the fact of unconditional scholarship in China, please read it carefully –

The best scholarship in China consider as “Chinese Government Scholarship” , what is also conditional scholarship. In last 10 years, more than 1000 students lost their CSC (China Scholarship Council) scholarship because of disobeying Chinese Government Law and University Rules Regulation. If you don’t attend classes and don’t study well then no scholarship will be sustainable. Every year CSC has annual review and university send report to the CSC about their students’ activity.

In short, the best scholarship in China isn’t unconditional. So don’t expect, any other scholarship will be unconditional for you.  University scholarships are in university’s hand. For any reason (Like study, attendance, behavior, rules and regulation etc.) university can cancel your scholarship. So, no matter you are a student of CSC or university scholarship student – nothing is unconditional.
If anyone tells you about unconditional scholarship then either he wants to cheat with you or he is talking without having proper information.

100% Confirm Unconditional Scholarship!!!

Q: Is there any scholarship confirmed? Correct answer is NO
When we (consulting company) co-operate with any university then university gives our students more priority for scholarship but university teacher never give us 100% confirmation. When university is not giving us confirmation then how an agency or consulting company gives you (students) 100% confirmation!
If you don’t have good result then no education agency can assist you to get scholarship.

Q: Sometimes some students complain, they had good result but didn’t get scholarship whereas his friend got scholarship in poor result. Why?
Well, university is independent to take their decision, no agency can influence to their decision. Although you will get some agency, who will talk with you like – “we control university, we are everything in this or that university, without us you will not get admission and so many things”.

Fact  – University isn’t any agencies’ or individual’s property. Some agency made that kind of conversation to make you afraid and they want you to take their service. Their business is with your fear.  Some average or low ranking university has sole agent contract with any agency but remember that no top ranked university does any sole agent contract with any agency.

Sometimes it may happen, although one student had poor result but his documentation like research proposal or study plan had been written better or professor liked it more than good scorer. Either you have good result or not you have to be careful on your documents.

Q: Can we assist students to write study plan or research proposal?
It’s really a funny question, we faced several times. One student is applying for phd or masters in engineering major, they want us to write their research proposal , Omg …
Well, we are from different education background. So it’s not possible to anyone to write your study plan or research proposal.  Which topic you want to study or interested to do in your future research, you know it better. So, no one can assist you for that. Please spend more time to write your research proposal or study plan.
No education agency can assist you for that. Your preparation can assist you more than anyone else.

Q: My result is below 60%, May I get scholarship in Chinese top ranked university?
Chinese Universities passing mark is 60%, If you have less than 60% (A-) then it will be tough to get admission in good universities of China.   Whereas It’ll be difficult to get admission then nothing to talk about scholarship.

Q: One agency told me, although I’ve less than 60% but I can get confirm scholarship in top ranked university in China.  Is it true?
Well, we are not against of any agency but talking about the fact and reality to study in China. First of all, you have to understand, what’s considered as top ranked university in China.

According to QS world ranking, Chinese 11 universities ranked in top 100 and 39 universities got ranked in world 1000 top ranked university. Most of top ranked universities in China don’t provide English taught bachelor programs, beside those top ranked universities have quite high requirements. Students should have good result with good score of SAT/ IELTS / TOEFL.

If you have poor result and anyone tell you, it’s possible to get admission and scholarship in top ranked university then you will be cheated by them. They will take your advantages; you even don’t have idea about top ranked university in China. When you will go to China then you will get to know, your university is very low ranked one.
Most of average and low ranked universities provide scholarships in China but there is no confirmation of scholarship. It’s an award, no one can sell it.

Always remember that, nothing is confirmed and no one can give you guarantee for scholarship, admission or visa. We are serving from last 3 years, we always made it clear and we never give any confirmation but Alhumdulilah, we have 97% success rate. Last year some agencies misguided lots of students to say 100% full scholarship and confirmed scholarship but none of their students get even partial scholarship. So be aware from that kind of lucrative words.