Air Ticket Service

Air ticket service for Bangladeshi students

Air Ticket Service for Bangladeshi Students

We will provide you with an easy journey from Bangladesh to China to your university. In 2015, lots of Bangladeshi students asked us for air ticket service. Some of them contacted us from Shanghai airport; When students arrived at the airport, they bothered finding the right direction. Some taxi driver took them to the wrong destination caused by the language barrier; some students missed the train, some of them paid more money to the taxi driver, some of them didn’t contact their families for a few days.

To understand students’ problem, we started to provide below services only for Bangladeshi students –

1.    Air ticket buying
2.    Airport pick up (from Shanghai and Nanjing airport)
3.    Drop you to the university and assist you in registering

Procedure to take this service

Step 1 Contact us through Email, Phone or WhatsApp
Step 2 Pay the service fee
Step 3 will send you E-ticket through email
Step 4 Take your flight on time and before leaving Bangladesh, please inform us
Step 5 we will pick up you from Shanghai or Nanjing airport
Step 6 above the rest of the services you will get, once you arrive in China


We suggest you buy air-ticket for yourself, you can follow


Can ChinaSchooling provide airport pickup if my school is not in Shanghai or Nanjing?

Presently, we only provide airport pickup service in Shanghai, Hangzhou, and Nanjing. For students whose schools are not in these cities, at can take our air ticket buying service.

What will I do if I want to change my flight?

We aren’t air ticket seller, but we are assisting you. If you want to change the ticket, then you have to pay more money for changing so that. But we suggest you not to change the ticket without any emergency.

What should I do if my flight is late?

If your flight delay then you should inform us so that we can arrange it in that way.

What should I do if my flight is earlier and I arrived at the airport?

You can call us; then we will take the necessary steps to reach you.

Will I get the refund if I cancel the service?

You can cancel the service before buying the air ticket.

How much do I need to pay if I only need an air ticket buying service?

If you don’t need other services except for ticket buying service, then you only need to pay for the air ticket, no need to pay any extra.

Can I get your air ticket service, if I’m not from Bangladesh?

No, right now, we are only providing this service for Bangladeshi students.