Alibaba Business School Scholarships

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Embark on an e-commerce journey with Alibaba Business School’s Bachelor of Management program. Secure the Freshman Scholarship covering the first-year tuition. Annual scholarships available for high achievers. Dive into the digital economy and cross-border eCommerce.

Alibaba Business School invites aspiring individuals with a passion for the digital economy and eCommerce to explore the dynamic Bachelor of Management program. Our scholarships pave the way for a vibrant e-commerce ecosystem. Join us in shaping the future!

Key Details:

  • School: Alibaba Business School
  • Program: Bachelor of Management (International Business – Cross-border eCommerce)
  • Duration: 4 Years
  • Application Deadline: 5th May 2023

Scholarship Coverage:

  • Freshman Scholarship: Covers the first-year tuition. Indicated in the admission letter.
  • Annual Scholarship: Awarded based on performance. Open for application each academic year.


  • Tuition Fee: 25,000 yuan/academic year
  • Accommodation Expense: 7,000-14,000 yuan/academic year
  • Insurance Expense: 800 yuan/academic year
  • Enrollment Fee: 400 yuan (Only for admitted students)

Note: Alibaba Business School holds the right to make all final decisions.

Service Fee: 3,500 RMB

Fuel your aspirations in the world of e-commerce with Alibaba Business School Scholarships. Seize the Freshman Scholarship, excel for the Annual Scholarship, and trust ChinaSchooling’s expertise.

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