expenses in China

Expenses in China

The basic cost for a Chinese university varies much depending on the location and type of major you want to study. Tuition fee for foreign students studying in China varies depending on what and where you study. The food prices are inexpensive and cater to a wide range of taste. Western style food is also available in China as well as different country themed restaurants. Accommodation is usually on campus at most universities, but off campus acc


Part-time jobs in China

Part-time  jobs in China for international students aren't so available. Only 15-20% students get part-time jobs in China. Language is one of the key obstacle to get job here.  Although students can  legally work in China but the procedure to apply for work-study  permission isn't so easy to get. Under the new rules, any person with a residence permit for study who wants to take a part-time job or internship off campus should obtain approv

China Schooling - pre-departure preparation

Pre-Departure Preparation


To help you prepare better, We recommend you to pack something -

1) Documents & Certificates Your passport/visa, related health certificate and other important documents that you may need to show at customs and university.
  • Letter of acceptance (JW201/202)
  • Passport and copies of it
China Schooling - study in china

Apply for Student Visa

Applying for student visa (X visa) from Chinese Embassy in Bangladesh

Before you go to China, you need to apply for the student visa (X visa) from the Chinese Embassy in Dhaka. Please go to the Consular Office between 9:00 to 11:30 in the morning of working days from Sunday to Thursday. It is not open in the afternoon. If you are holding official passport, you must replace i

China Schooling - study in china

Admission & Scholarship in Pharmacy

China Pharmaceutical University(CPU) is China’s first independent school of pharmacy and it has been one of the best universities of pharmacy in China with a wide variety of specialized areas. It is one of the “211 project” key universities affiliated to the Ministry of Education of China.CPU's Pharmacy discipline ranks No. 1 and Traditional Chinese Pharmacy discipline ranks No. 3 among all Chinese universities. CPU offers 20 bachelor’

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