Pursue a Bachelor’s Degree in China’s Dynamic City of Shenyang

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Attention students seeking an exceptional study abroad experience! You are invited to study in China’s bustling city of Shenyang, where you can pursue your Bachelor’s degree taught in English. With no fixed application deadline, you are free to apply anytime that is convenient for you. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to broaden your horizons and enrich your future. Apply now and start your journey towards a successful career and life experience.

Location: Shenyang

Bachelor Programs

  1. Business Administration
    Tuition Fees: 14000 RMB/Year
  2. Civil Engineering
    Tuition Fees: 15000 RMB
  3. Architecture (5-Year)
    Tuition Fees: 17000 RMB/Year

Teaching Language: English

University Application Fees: 800 RMB
Dorm Fees: Double Room 450 RMB/Month; Single Room 900 RMB/Month
(Students can live off-campus as well)

Chinese Language Program
Tuition Fees: 11,000 RMB/Year

No application deadline, You can apply at anytime.

We have no agency fees to assist you to have this university admission.