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ChinaSchooling is dedicated to promoting educational excellence and offering remarkable scholarship opportunities for international students in China. Our partner university invites exceptional students to explore prestigious Master’s and PhD programs, making your educational dreams a reality.

Master Programs:

  • Choose from a variety of Master’s programs, including:
  1. Information and Communication Engineering
  2. Master of Business Administration (MBA)
  3. Computer Science and Technology

Program Details:

  • Duration: Achieve your Master’s degree within 3 years
  • Tuition Fee: 20,000 RMB/year for Engineering, 18,000 RMB/year for MBA

Scholarship Coverage for Master’s Programs:

  • Secure a First-Year Tuition Fee Scholarship.
  • From the 2nd year, enjoy a tuition fee reduction to 15,000 RMB or 10,000 RMB based on your academic performance.

Our Service Fees:

  • Access our comprehensive services and support for an affordable fee of 500 USD

PhD Program:

  • Explore the outstanding PhD program in Information and Communication Engineering.

Program Details:

  • Duration: Achieve your PhD degree in 4 years
  • Tuition Fee: 25,000 RMB/year

Special Scholarship for PhD Students:

  • (1) First-class scholarship:
  • First-class PhD General Scholarship (Tuition Fee Waiver)
  • Living Allowance: 2,000 Yuan/Month
  • (2) Second-class scholarship:
  • First-class PhD General Scholarship (Tuition Fee Waiver)
  • Living Allowance: 1,000 Yuan/Month

Our Service Fees for PhD Students:

  • Enjoy our dedicated services for a fee of 800 USD

Application Details:

  • After receiving a pre-admission letter, students are required to pay a deposit of 4,800 RMB (accommodation fee 4,000 RMB + insurance fee 800 RMB) within ten days to secure their admission. Failure to do so will result in admission termination.


  • Our scholarships are prestigious awards and are not for sale. We do not engage in selling scholarships or university admissions. Our role involves guiding students through the application process and providing expert assistance to ease access. University admissions are subject to their specific standards, and scholarships cannot be guaranteed.

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