Postgraduate Scholarships in China

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The One Belt One Road Scholarship in Xian is now accepting applications for international students for postgraduate programs in China. This scholarship aims to promote the study and research of economics, trade, and infrastructure development along the One Belt One Road initiative, providing a unique opportunity for students to gain valuable knowledge and experience in China.

Application Fees: 400 RMB
Insurance: 800 RMB/Year
Physical Test: 600 RMB/Year
Accommodation Fees: 600 RMB/Year (Double room)
Application Deadline: 30th May

English-Medium Master Programs

1) Communication and Transportation Engineering
2) Civil Engineering
3) Mechanical Engineering
4) Business Administration
(Accounting and Financial, Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Tourism Management, Marketing Management and Innovation, Organizational Operation and Human Resource Management, Economics and Finance)
5) Logistic Engineering and Management
6) Communication and Transportation Engineering

7) Control Science and Engineering
8) Information and Communication Engineering
9) Computer Science and Technology
10) Communication and Transportation Engineering
11) Software Engineering
12) Cyberspace Security
13) Geophysics
14) Surveying and Mapping
15) Safety Science and Engineering
16) Geological Resources and Geological Engineering
17) Geography
18) Geological Resources and Geological Engineering
19) Geology
20) Civil Engineering
21) Architecture
22) Urban and Rural Planning
23) Chemical Egineering and Technology
24) Environmental Science and Engineering
25) Hydraulic Engineering
26) Vehicle Engineering
27) Communication and Transportation Engineering
28) Materials Science and Engineering
29) Land Resource Management
30) Land Engineering
31) Communication and Transportation Engineering
32) Electrical Engineering
33) Power Engineering and Engineering Thermophysics

Master’s Scholarships Coverage
Exempt from paying tuition for whole study period, and provide living stipend for the first year (for the next two years, those conforming to the requirements of the annual review and ranking in the top 40% of the annual review can continue to have the same amount of living stipend)
Allowance: 20000 RMB / year
Tuition Fees: 21000 RMB /year

English-Medium Ph.D Programs

1) Road and Railway Engineering
2) Bridge and Tunnel Engineering
3) Geotechnical Engineering
4) Mechanical Engineering
5) Logistic Engineering and Management
6) Traffic Information Engineering and Control
7) Geophysics
8) Geological Resources and Geological Engineering
9) Surveying and Mapping
10) Geology
11) Geological Resources and Geological Engineering
12) Civil Engineering
13) Environmental Science and Engineering
14) Hydraulic Engineering
15) Vehicle Engineering
16) Communication and Transportation Engineering
17) Road Material Science and Engineering
18) Mechanical Engineering Materials
19) Transportation planning and management
20) Urban and Rural Human Settlement Construction Engineering
21) Environment and Social Development
22) New Energy of Vehicles and Energy Saving Engineering

PhD Scholarship Coverage
Exempt from paying tuition and hostel fee for whole study period, and provide living stipend for four years.
Allowance: 25000 RMB / year
Tuition Fees: 30000 RMB /year

Our Service Fees: 800 USD

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