Bachelor’s Scholarship with Allowance in China

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The One Belt One Road Scholarship in Xian offers international students the opportunity to study Bachelor’s programs in China with scholarships and gain valuable knowledge and experience in the fields of engineering, economics, trade, and infrastructure development along the One Belt One Road initiative.

Application Fees: 400 RMB
Insurance: 800 RMB/Year
Physical Test: 600 RMB/Year

Accommodation Fees: 600 RMB/Year (Double room)

Chinese Language Program
Only provide living allowance: 10000 RMB/ Year
Tuition Fees: 14000 RMB/ Year

Application Deadline: 30th May

Chinese Language Program
Only provide living allowance: 10000 RMB/ Year
Tuition Fees: 14000 RMB/ Year

English-Medium Undergraduate Programs

1) Mechatronic Engineering
2) International Economy and Trade
3) Computer Science and Technology
4) Internet of Things Engineering
5) Electronic and Information Engineering
6) Geology
7) Civil Engineering
8) Materials Science and Engineering
9) Road, Bridge and River-crossing Engineering
10) Architecture
11) Vehicle Engineering
12) Logistics Engineering
13) Automobile Service Engineering
14) Transportation Engineering
15) Communications and Transportation
16) Energy and Power Engineering

Scholarships Coverage
Exempt 50% from paying tuition fees for whole study period, and provide living stipend for the first year.
Stipend: 15000 RMB / Year
Tuition Fees: 16000 RMB / Year

Our Service Fees: 500 USD

If you are interested in applying for it, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Note: Scholarship is an Award; it’s not for sale. We aren’t selling scholarships or admission to the university. We only process documents to apply and provide proper guidelines to the students to reduce the hassle of getting access. Universities can reject any application based on their standard. We can’t guarantee a scholarship. Please follow our application procedure to get more detail.

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