Why China

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Higher education is cheaper in China than any other part of the world, the cost of living is also relatively low, in some countries it can go up to twenty thousand pounds per annum, while in countries such as Australia and United States, tuition fees are very high. Compared to other parts of Asia, such as Japan and South Korea, China performs well in terms of affordability. South Korea has some of the most expensive universities especially for the foreign students; Japan on the other hand has very high living expenses, which can go up to 2000 pounds per month, a figure which can be relatively high for the foreign students. On the other hand China’s cost of living, tuition fees and other costs are relatively low, almost everything a students needs in china is affordable, making it an ideal destination for the foreign students.

Education Quality

Although education in China is cheaper than most parts of the world, it still maintains the highest quality. Universities in China produce the best graduates in different areas more so in Technology, Medicine, Languages, Management, Culture, History and Arts. The university teaching and research staff comprises of highly qualified personnel, the university maintains high standards as far as the teaching fraternity is concerned. When it comes to equipment and facilities, the universities are well equipped with the latest learning equipment and materials. Overall China ranks highly in terms of the education quality, the University are keen on producing graduates who are well rounded to serve in the different fields.


China is one of the safest countries in the world, its is politically stable and have no incidences of xenophobia. Foreigners are treated with a lot of respect; it is part of the Chinese culture to treat visitors well. Generally Chinese people are welcoming, foreigners feel at home in this country. China has some of the lowest crime figures, people in cities and countryside generally feel safe. Foreigners are guaranteed of their safety; from the first day they arrive in the country, with minimum precautions one can relatively visit any part of the country

International Platform

In China, you will find people from all parts of the world, every country is represented in China, the country is highly cosmopolitan. The education sector attracts scholars from all parts of the world; you will find Europeans, Asian, Russian, Americans, Africans, Australians and Latin Americans studying in different areas. Apart from Mandarin Chinese, you will find English, French, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, German and many other languages being spoken by different people. Nowadays English speakers have been on the rise, in fact, the language teachers are in high demand in the country. China is an international platform, with all the countries being represented in different sectors and more so in education.


Foreign students will feel at home when studying in China courtesy of the several networks which are available to cater for their welfare. There are University organizations which cater for the general student welfare, there are specific groupings which students can join and network. Networking helps students to settle easily and adapt to the way of life in China, they also helps the students to find their way in their universities making life comfortable. Students are encouraged to join at least one network with no limit where one can belong. With proper utilization of the available networks , foreign students will find their stay in China very comfortable.

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