Northwestern Polytechincal University

Northwestern Polytechincal University

northwestern polytech uni

Northwestern Polytechnical University(NPU) is located in the ancient capital city of Xi’an ,a historical place that has nurtured the civilizations of 13 dynasties including Zhou, Qin ,Han and Tang. NPU was founded in 1938 and is one of the 211 and 985 project universities and enjoys a high distinguished reputation. NPU is a member of the Excellent Union 9(E9) universities in China. NPU is a research-oriented, multidisciplinary, international university of science and technology, and has strong capabilities and outstanding achievements in aeronautics, astronautics and marine technology, making it very unique and distinguished from other institutions. With special emphasis on science and technology, NPU also offers well developed programs in the humanities, economics, management and law. The university has 16 academic schools, offering 54 undergraduate programs, 101 postgraduate programs, and 12 postdoctoral programs. NPU has more than 3,500 faculty members, including 1,300 full time and associate professors, 15 scholars from the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) and the Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE), 15 chair and lecture professors from the Cheung Kung Scholars program, and ten recipients of the National Science Fund for Young Distinguished Scholars. Currently, the university has 28,363 students, including 14,362 undergraduates, 5,834 master’s degree students, 2,985 full-time PHD candidates, 2,521 professional degree students.
1. Chinese Language Programs

Tuition Fees: 12000 RMB/ year

2. Bachelor Programs in English

Electronics & Information Engineering
Astronautics Engineering
Civil Engineering
Computer Science & Technology
Business Administration
Ocean Engineering
Tuition Fees: 18000 RMB/year

3. Master Programs in English

Fluid Mechanics
Flight Vehicle Design
Aeronautical and Astronautical Science and Technology
Tuition Fees: 24000 RMB/year

4. Ph.D Programs in English

Material Science and Engineering
Fluid Mechanics
Means of Transport Applied Engineering
Tuition Fees: 32000 RMB/year

 Application Deadline: 15th July
Accommodation: 6000-10000 RMB
Classes Starting: September
Our Service Charge: $000 (No service fee)

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