Bangladeshi Passport Renewal Procedure in China

Bangladeshi Passport Renewal Procedure in China

If someone does not want to change the photo or any other information in his/her new passport then the following documents are required to renew (reissue) the passport from Bangladesh Embassy in Beijing:

  1. Photocopy of the Current Passport
  2. Photocopy of NID/ Birth Registration Certificate
  3. Photocopy of Chinese Resident Visa
  4. Filled in MRP Reissue form,
  5. PP-size Photo – 2 copies
  6. Passport Renewal Fee: 770 RMB.
    [**As per schedule IV of Bangladesh Passport Rules 1974, when the application is made to a Passport Authority by students studying in any foreign country, the Normal Delivery fee for MRP would be 235 RMB. However, the Urgent Fee (Express Delivery) for students is the same as mentioned at serial 6 (Passport Renewal Fee: 770 RMB). In order to get MRP under this provision, students are required to submit a studentship certificate issued by their respective educational institution.]
    The renewal fee needs to be sent by “Money Order” from any branch of “Postal Savings Bank of China中国邮政储蓄银行and the money order should be addressed to “The Embassy of The People’s Republic of Bangladesh in China” in Chinese language as under:
    If it doesn’t work then show this photo to the Bank, then they will proceed with payment

All documents and the receipt of money order need to be sent to “Consular Section, Embassy of Bangladesh, Beijing-100600, China, Phone: 010-65322521” by courier service (preferably SF Express 顺丰快递 or EMS) along with the return address of the MRP applicant in Chinese and a valid mobile number of the MRP applicant.

Information Change: In case of a change of photo, the applicant is required to come physically to the Embassy and in case of change of any information in the current passport, the pertinent document is required to justify the desired change.
Lost passport: In case of a lost passport the original “Police Report” and a photocopy of the police report are required in addition to the documents mentioned above (serial no. 1 to 6). The original police report will be returned after verification.

MRP for a newborn baby:

  1. Filled in online MRP form ( )
  2. Photocopy of birth certificate issued from Bangladesh (along with a photocopy of Chinese birth certificate)
  3. Photo-2 copies
  4. Passport copy of father and mother (along with copy of Chinese visa) and parent’s marriage certificate attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Bangladesh.
  5. New MRP fee: 770 RMB

Note: Bangladesh Embassy, Beijing inputs pertinent information to the online MRP system. Afterward, passports are printed in Dhaka by the Department of Immigration & Passports (DIP). Passports are delivered from Bangladesh Embassy, Beijing upon receipt from DIP, Dhaka. The total processing time is around 5/6 weeks.
The MRP holders are requested to start the re-issuance/ renewal process at the Embassy at least 6 months before the expiry of the current MRP.
Passport Arrival Information/ Status Check: MRP applicants are requested to check the latest status of their passport renewal/ reissue process at the official website of the Bangladesh Embassy, Beijing, China ( ).
Please send an email to the following address for any specific query/ update
Consular Hotline Number (Call for emergency assistance): +86-178-0111-6005
Address: 孟加拉国大使馆, 42 光华路, 朝阳区, 北京-100600, 中国

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Our Suggestion

  1. Must contact the embassy at least 6 months before expiring your passport
  2. After doing the Money order, keep a scanned copy of the money receipt for your future reference
  3. Track your parcel, once it arrived in the embassy then give a phone call to confirm that the embassy received your documents properly and make sure, no documents are missing
  4. Regularly check the status of passport ( it usually take 1 month to renew)
  5. When your new passport will arrive then you need to send your old passport to the embassy. So After sending the old passport, again contact with embassy to ensure that they received your old passport.
  6. Within days, you will receive both your old and new passport.
  7. Once you receive your passports then you instantly inform your university that you renewed passport and follow up with university suggestion