Scholarship in Guangdong Province 2018

scholarship in guangdong

University in Guangdong province provides a variety of scholarships (in many programs and of substantial amounts) for academically brilliant students.
In addition, Guangdong Provincial Government provides several substantial scholarships for international students. We welcome international students to come and study in China.

Bachelor Programs in English

1.    Software Engineering
2.    Communication Engineering
3.    Mechanical Design
4.    Manufacturing and Automation
5.    International Business
6.    Financial Management


(Note: There are lots of majors taught in Chinese but HSK 3 or HSK 4 is required.)

Scholarship Coverage: Tuition fee (only for engineering and liberal arts majors)

Chinese Language: 7000 RMB / Semester
Accommodation: 5000 RMB / Year
Location: Guangdong
Deadline:  30th May
Application Fee: 500 RMB
Our Service Fee: 1250 USD (100,000 BDT)

Documents Required

1.    Application form
2.    Copy of passport
3.    High school graduation Certificate and transcript
4.    HSK certificate / English language certificate
5.    Applicant’s photo
6.    Police verification certificate
7.    Physical test

Note: Annual review is needed. If you fail in annual review then scholarship will be terminated