Scholarship in China for Bangladeshi students 2017

Scholarship in China for Bangladeshi students

In the interest of promoting the scheme ‘Study in China’ held by the Ministry of Education, as well as attracting international students in China , Chinese University is to establish its own scholarship scheme. Here we are offering scholarship specially for Bangladeshi students .

Scholarship in China for Bangladeshi students in Henan Polytechnic University

Bachelor Programs
1. Civil Engineering
2. Computer Science and Technology
3. International Economics and Trade

Teaching language: English
Application fee: 500 RMB
Application Deadline: 10th June

Scholarship coverage:  After scholarship tuition and dorm fee 6000 RMB

Scholarship Duration: 4 Years
Our service fee: 850 USD (70,000 bdt)

Application Document

1. Application Form for Foreign Students
2. Passport copy and applicant’s photo
3. High School Diploma Certificate and transcript
4. No criminal certificate
5. Physical test

Other fees
Health check up: 460 RMB (with transport cost)
Residence permit: 400RMB per year
Bedding Fee 300 RMB (A set of new bedding)
Insurance Fee:  800 RMB/ year
Room Deposit: 500 RMB (refundable)