Low Tuition Fee University in China

lowest tuition fee university in China

Programs for Applicants

1. Electrical Engineering
2. Software Engineering
3. Tourism Management
4. Business Administration
5. Chinese Language and Literature

 Necessary Documents

(1)scanned document of photo page of passport(.jpg)
(2)scanned document of one blank page of passport(.jpg)
(3)scanned document of diploma or degree certificate(.jpg)
(4)scanned document of transcript(.jpg)
(5)scanned document of sponsorship letter(.jpg)
(6)application (.doc)
(7)scanned bank receipt of application fee (500RMB or 90 dollars)


(1)transferred students need scan the Residence Permit of the passport instead of blank page of passport..
(2)transcript need be cooperated with diploma or degree.
(3)application need be sent back in form of .doc, printed or scanned ones are NOT acceptable.

Fees Structure

1.    Application Fee:  500RMB
2. Tuition:

16000 RMB each year for Postgraduates
13000 RMB each year for undergraduates
10000 RMB each year for Chinese Language Students

3. Accommodations

9000RMB each year for each person in a single room
6000RMB each year for each person in a double room

4. Visa Fee: 800RMB each year
5. Medical Examination: 400RMB each year
6. Insurance: 600RMB each year
7. Bedding: 380RMB
8. Deposit for Room: 1000RMB (refundable by receipt when leaving)

 OUR SERVICE CHARGE:$000 (No service fee)

Here is showing the low tuition fee university in China  for international students.