Learn Chinese Language – 2017

Learn Chinese Language - 2017

Learn Chinese language program in low tuition fee

Tuition fee: 3000 RMB/year
Accommodation fee: 2000 RMB /year

Application Documents

1. Application form
2. Applicant’s photo and passport copy;
3. Copy of your final degree transcript and certificate;
5. Physical test
6. Non-criminal record

Other Expenses:

Application Fee: 400 RMB
Visa Fee: 400 RMB
Insurance: 600 RMB
Medical: 400-500 RMB
Registration fee: 400 RMB

Location: Hunan
Application Deadline: 31st December 2016
Our Service fee: $250

Note:It’s a college and  students can apply Except Africa continent, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, India, Russia students.