University Scholarships for International Students in China

Jiangsu University of Science and Technology Scholarship

Discover the incredible opportunities awaiting international students at JUST in China. Explore a wide range of scholarship programs for undergraduate, master, and doctoral degrees. Learn how ChinaSchooling, can guide you through the application process and secure your place at this prestigious university.

Ranking: China 222 / World 1654
Application Deadline: 30th May
Teaching Language: English
Location: Zhenjiang, Jiangsu
Application fee: 400 RMB
Dorm Fee: 3000 RMB/Year

Bachelor Programs

1. Computer Science and Technology
2. Energy and Power Engineering
3. Civil Engineering
4. Mechanical Engineering and Automation
5. Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

Dorm Fee: 3000 RMB/Year
Duration: 4 years
Application Deadline: 15th June

After Scholarship Tuition Fees: 4250 RMB/Year

Academic Scholarship for Undergraduates (Three years, based on the GPA ranking of previous academic year)

Top 5% 8,000CNY/Y
Top 6%-15% 6,000CNY/Y
Top 16%-35% 4,000CNY/Y
Top 36%-75% 2,000CNY/Y

Our Service fee: 2,500 RMB 

Scholarship in Masters programs

1. Computer Science and Technology
2. Information Communication Engineering
3. Control Science and Engineering
4. Energy and Power Engineering
5. Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering
6. Master of Business Administration (MBA) (Courses will be delivered bilingual, HSK is obligatory)
7. Enterprise Management (Courses will be delivered bilingual, HSK is obligatory)
8. Linguistics and Applied Linguistics in Foreign Language
9. Civil Engineering
10. Chemistry
11. Chemical Engineering and Technology
12. Material Science and Engineering
13. Physics
14. Food Science and Engineering
15. Animal Science
16. Biology

Duration: 2 Years
Application Deadline: 15th June

Dorm Fees: 3000 RMB/ Year

Scholarship Coverage: Tuition Fees Waiver and Living Allowance: 9,000 RMB/ Year

Application fee: 400 RMB
Our Service Fee: 500 USD

Ph.D. Scholarship Programs

1. Special Economic Animal Rearing
2. Doctor of Business Administration (DBA)
3. Material Forming and Control Engineering
4. Design and Manufacture of Naval Architecture and Ocean Structure
5. Design and Manufacture of Naval Architecture and Ocean Structure (Discipline: Marine Engineering)

Scholarship Coverage
Tuition fee: Free
Living Allowance: 12000 RMB/Year

Our Service Fee: 500 USD

Important Note: After receiving the admission letter, you need to pay a certain amount to the university within ten days. Admission and scholarship can be terminated if you fail to pay on time. 

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