Full Scholarship in China for Masters and PhD Programs 2019

Full Scholarship in China for Masters and PhD Programs 2019

To attract outstanding international students to study in the Chinese university, to further promote the quality of international students’ education and continuously improve their worldwide influence and competitiveness, University is providing the full scholarship for Masters and Ph.D. programs for 2019

Scholarship Coverage

Tuition Fee: Free
Dorm Fee: Free
Living Allowance: 2000-3000 RMB per month
Duration: 3-4 Years
Teaching Language: Chinese and English

Masters’ Programs

1)    Mechanical Manufacturing and Automation
2)    Mechanical Engineering
3)    Industrial Engineering
4)    Communication and Information System
5)    Electrical and Communication Engineering
6)    Software Engineering
7)    Control Engineering
8)    Computer Technology
9)    Electrical Engineering
10)    Hydraulic Engineering
11)    Hydrology and Water Resources Engineering
12)    Road and Railway Engineering
13)    Environmental Engineering
14)    Chemical Engineering
15)    Power Engineering
16)    International Trades
17)    Technology Economy and Management
18)    Management Science and Engineering
19)    International Law
20)    Agricultural Engineering
21)    Bridge and Tunnel Engineering
22)    Road and Railway Engineering
23)    Architectural and Civil Engineering
24)    Applied Mathematics
25)    Pharmaceutical Engineering
26)    Material Engineering
27)    Quality Engineering and Management
28)    Genetics
29)    Food Science
30)    Cell Biology
31)    Geochemistry
32)    Geotechnical Engineering
33)    Geology Engineering
34)    Mining Engineering
35)    Mineral Processing Engineering
36)    Safety Technology and Engineering
37)    Power Engineering


Ph.D. Programs

1)    Geological Resources and Geological Engineering
2)    Mineral Engineering
3)    Mechanical Engineering
4)    Environmental Science and Engineering
5)    Management Science and Engineering
6)    Mechanics


Students should have HSK 5 to start their Masters or Ph.D. programs; if students have HSK 5, then it will increase their possibility to have the full scholarship. If they don’t have HSK 5, then the first year will learn the Chinese language then will start their degree.

Application Fee: 500 RMB
Application Deadline: 2019-01-30
Our Service Fee: 1750 USD