China Language and Bachelor Programs for March 2019

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Chinese universities provide scholarships for Bachelor programs for outstanding international students who intend to study their bachelor program and learn Chinese language and culture.

Program: Chinese Language

Duration: 1 semester
Tuition Fee: 3000 RMB/ semester
Dorm: 600 RMB/ semester
Insurance: 400 RMB/semester

Application Fee: 500 RMB
Application Deadline: 2018-12-30
Note: Seats are limited, so please try to apply as soon as possible
Location: Yunnan, China

After Language Program, You can start your Bachelor programs.

Degree: Bachelor

  1. Computer Science and Technology
  2. Civil Engineering
  3. Machine Design, Manufacturing and Automation
  4. BBA

Teaching Language: English

Scholarship Coverage:

After Scholarship Tuition Fee: 6000 RMB/ Year
After Scholarship Dorm Fee: 1200 RMB/ Year (4 person sharing room)

Application Fee: 500 RMB
Application Deadline: 2018-12-30
Location: Yunnan, China

Service Fee: 800 USD