Full Scholarships for Bachelor Programs

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The International Student Scholarship at CAUC in Tianjin offers a unique opportunity for exceptional students to study in China. Discover how this scholarship program encourages academic excellence and provides financial support for international students. Apply now for a chance to pursue your education at CAUC and unlock a world of opportunities.

Teaching Language: English
Location: Tianjin

Bachelor Programs
1) Communication Engineering
2) Business Administration

Application Form: 400 RMB
Tuition Fees: 15000 RMB/Year
Accommodation: 6000 RMB/Year

Scholarship Coverage:
Type A: Tuition Fee, Accommodation and Living Allowance (10 Months)
Only for 1 year

From 2nd Year: Scholarship will depend on academic performance.
Type A: Tuition Fee, Accommodation and Living Allowance (10 Months)
Type B: Tuition Fee, Accommodation
Type C: Only Tuition Fees

Scholarship Duration: One academic year only
Application Deadline: 31st May

Our Service Fees: 500 USD

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