300+ Scholarships in Zhejiang Normal University

300+ Scholarships in Zhejiang Normal University

“Zhejiang Normal University Scholarship for Outstanding Students” is launched in order to attract more outstanding students to study in China, create a favorable and international culture environment for the campus, and constantly improve the university’s international reputation, as well as encourage foreign students to work hard and get well-rounded.

According to the China University Ranking, this is one of the top 100 universities in China. Chemistry, Physics and Engineering are the three top 1% disciplines in the world according to the ESI (Essential Science Index) global ranking. The main campus is located at one of the four metropolitan areas in Zhejiang province. The university covers a total area of more than 200 hectares with well-equipped library, laboratories, gymnasium, entertainment center, hospital, supermarket etc.

Bachelor Programs

1. Electronic and Information Engineering
2. Material Science and Engineering
3. Software Engineering
4. Computer Science and Technology
5. Biotechnology
6. Transportation
7. Machine Design & Manufacturing and Automation;
8. Environmental Science and Engineering
9. Applied Chemistry
10. International Economics and Trade
11. Financial Management
12. BBA (Business Administration)

Tuition Fees: 16,800 RMB/ year


Masters programs

  1. Geographical Environment and Pollution Control
  2. Master of Environmental Engineering
  3. Master of Public Administration
  4. Master of Social Work
  5. Computer Intelligent Control and Electromechanical Engineering
  6. Biology
  7. Comparative Education
  8. Master of Business Administration
  9. Master of Software Engineering
  10. Mathematics
  11. Physics

Tuition Fees: 18,800 RMB/ year

Doctoral programs 

  1. Early Childhood Education
  2. Fundamental Mathematics
  3. Applied Mathematics
  4. Operational Research and Cybernetics
  5. Comparative Education
  6. Higher Education
  7. Principles of Education
  8. Psychology
  9. Chemistry
  10. Physics
  11. Computer Science and Technology

Tuition Fees: 22,800 RMB/ year


Teaching Language: English

Accommodation: Off campus and On campus accommodation are available, It will cost them 4000-6000 RMB per year

Coverage: half or full tuition fee scholarship

  • Bachelor:  Tuition fee after scholarship  0-8000 RMB
  • Master’s:  Tuition fee after scholarship  0-9000 RMB
  • PhD: full tuition fee and 10000 RMB living allowance

Note: Annual review is needed

Service fee: 500 USD