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How to Write a Study Plan

A Study Plan or Research Proposal states in details what you are going to do with the scholarship in China. It must include such information as the major you want to study in or the field of your research interest. It is of vital importance for those applicants for graduate studies or senior scholar programs, so please make sure your study plan or research proposal states those information as specific as possible

China Schooling -Study in China

Sample Recommendation Letters

Applicants for all scholarship students / graduate studies need two letters of recommendation from full professors or associate professors (in Chinese or English).

For Postgraduate applicants

please provide two supporting reference letters from professor or associate professor at your i

China Schooling -Study in China

Most Popular Majors in China

Since China started international students admission in 1950, it has witnessed great development in recent years. Statistics show that 370 universities in 31 Chinese provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities received 380,000 students from 190 countries to study in China in 2014.

Statistics also show that clinical medicine, international economics and trade, computer scien

China Schooling -Study in China

Popular Majors for International Students

Many students dream about going overseas to study. There is little doubt that the world is interconnected and having an international perspective (and perhaps grasp of another language) will make you more competitive in the job market. The number of international students in china has been on a steady increase year after year. According to the Open Doors Report, popular majors for international students have been t

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Nature Works Its Magic in Chongqing

A sinkhole nestled in the depth of mountains in Fengjie county, Chongqing, remained unknown to the outside world until a group of British explorers from the Royal Geographical Society stumbled across it in 1994. Its fame has been spreading all over the world ever since.

Acclaimed as a wonderland in Southwest China, it's called Tian-keng Difeng by locals—literally "the sky hole

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